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Guide for Sending Right Email to the Right Person
22 Jun

Guide for Sending Right Email to the Right Person

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Email marketing is one of the inbound methodology tools for sending commercial messages which reach ‘n’ number of customers or group of customers via email. Promotions, Business requests and solicit sales can be done using email. It can improve merchant’s relationship with existing customers to purchase and share third-party ads.


Email has more lifespan than any other social media and there are 3.2 billion email accounts that are active today. Most of the consumers prefer email for marketing communication and recent statistics says it has over 4300% ROI.

Email Marketing involves in every stage of inbound methodology. It tends to Attract new customers, Converts traffic into leads, Nurture leads into customers and Delights customers into promoters.

How to send the right email

Right content & right time helps you to engage more with your target audience in case of Email Marketing. By identifying the customer’s problems and helping them with the right context in right time increases your success rate. Emails with relevant content gets good open rate thereby increasing your reach.

Segment your contact database

Database segmentation will increase the deliverability, engagement rate and leads. The targeted & segmented email campaigns tend to attain 62% more open rates and clicks than compared to the non-segmented database. The segmentations can be collected through:

  • Geographic Segmentation: Using criteria such as IP country, time zones, Area code and address.
  • Company segmentations: Based on the company size, company type and Industry.
  • Role segmentation: Using criteria like department, seniority or what department they belong to and specific function within that department.
  • Behavioural Segmentation: These are done under website, such as conversion events, email opens and Page views.
  • Marketing intelligence: This can help create awareness of followers and fans on Facebook, SEO search term, Website pages and technology.

Sending Right Email to the Right Person

Sending right email to the right person involves inbound methodology. The reach can be successful when content and context are combined. So, the content should follow the buyer’s journey in various stages.

  • Awareness stage: Should use attractive contents like videos, slide share, blog post, free tools and eBooks/guides that educate the prospects.
  • Consideration stage: This stage is said to be a solution stage for a problem. It can include case studies about the product, webinars, FAQ sheet, product Whitepapers and third party reviews.
  • Decision stage: This makes people to buy your products by using free trials, ROI reports, product demos, consultations and estimates.

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